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Miniature Fake Play Copy Money 10 Pieces 100, 50, 2, Premium Doll House Accessor

Miniature Fake Play Copy Money 10 Pieces 100, 50, 2, Premium Doll House Accessor

Bullet Points

PREMIUM COPY MINIATURE MONEY - Custom Toys & Hobbies Miniature Play Money is a 0.5 x 1.18-Inch Scale Banknote Model that makes a great addition to your doll house accessories, diorama accessories, and pretend plays.

3 BUNDLES OF PLAY MONEY STACK - Each Set contains 10 pieces $100, $50, $ 2 Mini Fake Money Paper Bills (Total of 30 Pieces). They are the closest copy you can find in the real thing – it’s just that it comes in a super cute size! Not real currency!

LEARNING MONEY FOR KIDS - Our Toy Money is also an ideal tool for teaching the kids about money management, identifying currency value, making change, and general Mathematics concepts.

2-SIDED FULL PRINT DESIGN - With its high-quality print, you'll get fake money that looks real! Again, if not with its tiny form, you’ll confuse it with your cash. That’s how confident we are in our product!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We take pride in the quality of our products. By any chance you are unhappy with your purchase, please connect with us, and we will be pleased to resolve the issue.



CUSTOM TOYS & HOBBIES INC Miniature Play Money

Our Play Money is a Premium Miniature Dollar Bill ‘Copy Money’ that boasts ultra-realistic design. We are confident that this is the closest copy you can find in the real thing. Thus, it creates the accessory for your kids’ dollhouse, dioramas, and scale models!


What You’ll Get:

  • 10 Pieces $100, $50, $ 2 Mini Play Money Bills (Total of 30 Pieces)
  • Money Band


Feels and Looks Real

Aside from the size (0.5 x 1.2"), you will find no difference as with real money! Each Paper Bill is 2-sided full print. As mentioned earlier, this is the best copy money you can find in the market. Perfect as:

  • Pretend Play Money for Kids
  • Learning Money for Kids
  • Doll House Accessories
  • Diorama Accessories
  • Scale Modeling
  • Games
  • And More


Learning Play Money

Get this Play Money Set as an additional accessory for your child’s tiny cash register toy! Not only will they have fun playing with this life-like money, but they will also acquire the basics of Mathematics, money management, identifying currency value, and making change. This is a good way to introduce and familiarize them with monetary values as well as learn real-life situations involving money.

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